Lost in the Multiplex is here to bring you independent reviews of both newly released and classic films. Instead of obsessing over the latest trends that will inevitably fade away, it is our goal to offer you a wider selection of reviews that encompasses the classics as well as films that are not quite so well known from the recent past and further back.

Thanks to the Internet, everything can be watched with little difficulty. More and more people are spending their time watching films online via media streaming services instead of going to the cinema. Since that is the case, it is no longer possible to predict precisely which films the audience will care about. That is why we have chosen to bring you a variety of reviews spanning films that were released decades apart. We believe that it is important for the modern film connoisseur to have a broad education. This means going above and beyond the films that are currently popular, and beyond even those that are found in every top 10 or top 100 classic films of all time list. For those who are truly interested in film, we believe that it is important to develop a knowledge that is as broad as it is deep.

Of course, our reviews are not just for the hardcore fans of cinematography. The great thing about variety is that there is something here to suit everyone. Good films made throughout the years are just as relevant today as when they were made. If you are looking for something to watch with the family or with friends we have plenty to suit all tastes.

We believe that the most important thing when it comes to film is for true fans to share their passion with each other. All art, and film, in particular, has the ability to inspire people to go on to do great things. It is twice as important that all films, not just those that are in the spotlight of popular media, are talked about. By encouraging others to go on to watch these pictures we wish to help inspire people to go on to continue to create such important works of art.

To this end, each of our reviews goes into depth. We do not simply offer a score and leave it there, instead, we give each film the discussion it needs to bring out the finer points. We will offer a score in the end, but only as a final summary and not before we have given each point due consideration. We also avoid giving the score until the end of the review and do not hint at what it will be beforehand. This way we will not be influencing the reader by presenting the conclusion before their reasoning. That way everyone has time to order their own thoughts and decide upon whether or not they agree or disagree when the score is finally given. It is not our intent to dictate. Instead, we advise and open the way for discussion.

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